2012 | Performance of the collective »Kalle & Luis machen Kunst«

With Luis Lüps

A cowshed – Luis Lüps strikes a stone – Luis Lüps speaks many words – Simon Karlstetter writes…

We create a framework in which we are moving, imposing actions on ourselves that only permit very limited scope. The stone from which the sculptor creates a figure gets shattered. Instead of a figure, words are created, building a new image of their own in their sequence. The image arising through these words is conserved in writing on a large roll of paper. The stone diminishes, the stone fragments and words accumulate. By the imposition of certain rules, we create a space of experience that changes our perception of time and shows us – by the mindless execution of a repeated action – its diversity and dynamics. The visitor can adapt to this perception of time and respond interactively. The end result is an installation that allows to experience the past in a condensed form.