Repeater RPTR II

2015 | Dancetheatre | Music


»Yes! Now you really look as if you have lost any track of time, as if you would forget at any moment the one that took place before.«

In the new version of »Repeater RPTR«, six dancers, one actor and one musician flirt with the audience, explore means of the stage and try to turn the particular into something repetitive. They continuously claim something in order to doubt it in the next moment…


Concept: Studio Furio
Choreography: Dustin Klein
Music: Simon Karlstetter
Text: Anna Gschnitzer
Acting: Felix von Bredow
Dancers: (Solosists of the Bavarian State Ballet) Emma Barrowman, Stephanie Hancox, Zuzana Zahradniková,
Peter Jolesch, Dustin Klein, Ilia Sarkisov
Stagedesign Matthias Lohscheidt
Costume: Louise Flanagan
Light: Michael Bischoff
Sound: Karim Weth
Production: Claudio Ricci

Der Greif – A Process

2014 | Exhibition, Performance, Discourse | Neue Galerie im Höhmannhaus | March 18 till May 18


Over a two-months time frame, we transferred the different steps of our artistic work – curation, de- and re-contextualization of submitted works – into real space and made this process accessible to the public through a performative act. Between March and May 2014, »A Process« raised questions concerning photography in the digital age and in the light of the Internet as well as photography’s haptic stimuli and common perception of authorship. The exhibition used the Internet’s participatory structure to connect participants, visitors, and artists across national boundaries – made possible through an online transmission of the entire exhibition. It was accompanied by several events, such as readings and discussions, and comes with a book that features both combinations of images and texts that were part of the exhibition, as well as essays. The exhibition featured a selection of 279 photographs from 279 photographers coming from 33 countries, as well as poems by 4 authors, curated by Andreas Bülhoff.

Repeater RPTR

2014 | Dancetheatre | Concept, Music


Already the title of the piece plays with the term of repetition and its transformation. Daily-life activities are quoted and reproduced; activities that wear themselves off but renew themselves through the repeated enlisting into time and space.

»Repeater RPTR« reflects serial rhythms of life, as sequencing principles, as transcendental phenomenons, as paranoid fantasies, as paradigms in which you seem to be stuck like in a loop. But at the same time as possibility and opportunity to do the same thing again differently, or: to do once again, what you’ve never done before.


Concept: Simon Karlstetter, Dustin Klein
Choreography: Dustin Klein
Music: Simon Karlstetter
Text: Anna Gschnitzer
Acting: Felix von Bredow
Dancers: (Solosists of the Bavarian State Ballet) Emma Barrowman, Stephanie Hancox, Zuzana Zahradniková,
Peter Jolesch, Dustin Klein, Ilia Sarkisov
Stagedesign & Light: Matthias Lohscheidt
Costumes: Louise Flanagan
Production: Claudio Ricci

Der Greif – Magazine for Photography and Literature

Since 2008 | Offset, 24,5 x 34,5 cm, Print Run: 2.500 Copies, Numbered | Founder, Artistic Direction, Conception, Layout, Editor


Der Greif is a project for contemporary photography and literature. It is a print-magazine, online-platform, curatorial team and joint project for and with photographers and authors from all over the world. Single photographic images are submitted online from all over the world and then de- and re-contextualized by combining the in the magazine. By doing this, we question the role of context as a basic principle of photography. Double-pages are seen as whole compositions of image and text, in which elements from the photographies and texts are intensified or contrasted, guiding the sight of the beholder, but at the same irritate the reader or evoke a taste or sound.


Publishers: Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt, Claudio Ricci
Editors: Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt, Claudio Ricci
Artistic Direction, Layout: Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner
Text Editorial Staff Issue 7 & 8: Andreas Bülhoff
Founder: Felix von Scheffer, Simon Karlstetter

Myopic Bounds

2012 | Dancetheatre

The dance theatre »Myopic Bounds« deals with the corset of conventions, emotions and socialisation that surround us all, and asks questions concerning the need for freedom, limitation, bound and isolation in reference to this corset. How much are we restricted by our outer and inner worlds? How can we develop despite or because of these different bounds that we are moving in? And where might the imagined but fortress space of emotion that surrounds us lead to?

In the musical and dramaturgical realisation of the piece, the element of repetition found in patterns of human interaction and behaviour interests me. Sounds the dancers produce with their movements build the fundament for the rhythmical realisation of the different musical patterns. The music evolves through a simple, rhythmical theme that varies as the piece progresses, curving back to the start at its end.


Choreography: Dustin Klein (Bayerisches Staatsballett)
Dance: Dustin Klein, Emma Barrowman (Bayerisches Staatsballett)
Dramaturgy and Music: Simon Karlstetter
Costume: Louise Flanagan
Light: Peter Dürrschmidt

Stiller Flug I – XV

2012 | Electrophotography | Editions of 10 | 100 x 100 xm, 70 x 70 cm and 50 x 50 cm

Surreal still objects in open space, captured in movement with electrophotographic techniques.


2012 | Performance of the collective »Kalle & Luis machen Kunst«

With Luis Lüps

A cowshed – Luis Lüps strikes a stone – Luis Lüps speaks many words – Simon Karlstetter writes…

We create a framework in which we are moving, imposing actions on ourselves that only permit very limited scope. The stone from which the sculptor creates a figure gets shattered. Instead of a figure, words are created, building a new image of their own in their sequence. The image arising through these words is conserved in writing on a large roll of paper. The stone diminishes, the stone fragments and words accumulate. By the imposition of certain rules, we create a space of experience that changes our perception of time and shows us – by the mindless execution of a repeated action – its diversity and dynamics. The visitor can adapt to this perception of time and respond interactively. The end result is an installation that allows to experience the past in a condensed form.

Kartografie 1 & 2

2011/2012 | Electrophotography, Collage, Nitro-Frottage | 150 x 338 cm and 150 x 211 cm

Der Lauf der Dinge

2013 | Electrophotography, Collage, Nitro-Frottage | 150 x 323 cm